How to watch „GNTM 2017“ from abroad

If you are keen on watching GNTM from outside of Germany, we are providing you with all the necessary details to make that happen.Watch GNTM2017 from abroad

If you are keen on watching GNTM from outside of Germany, we are providing you with all the necessary details to make that happen. All methods and tools described below are of theoretical nature and are showing you what’s possible on a technical level. The implementation and thus the bypassing of the country-wall of the network is your responsibility.

Watch Topmodel 2017 (GNTM2017) from outside of Germany

Watching GNTM in Germany is simple but for all fans and followers of the model show abroad it’s not. Those interested in the challenges of “model life” and not living in Germany have to rely on our reviews or tales from their friends. ProSieben and “Germany’s Next Topmodel” are consistently blocking fans abroad from the live broadcast as well as their on-demand media centers. But don’t get frustrated, the internet is here for you and provides you with the necessary means to still get your weekly fix of “Topmodels” from abroad.

Instead of referring you to dubious websites of ads-overloaded Live-TV-Offerings, we’re focusing on the usage of a VPN this time. The Virtual Private Network transforms your tablet, phone or work station into a TV heaven. With a VPN you are bypassing the country-walls and are watching ProSieben from the US, Canada, France, Spain and many more countries. The installation is pretty simple. After signing up you just choose one of the countries available and start surfing as a member of its respective web sphere. To choose the best VPN to watch GNTM we have compared the speed, reliability and price of various providers for you.

Hidemyass: The Topmodel among VPN providers if you want to watch from abroad

Hidemyass is one of our recommendations if you want to watch GNTM from abroad. The service is quick, meets all our requirements and is easy and comfortable to use. We could talk about the advantages of surfing anonymously and hiding your online movements, but let’s stick to Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017. Hidemyass makes the ProSieben media center and live stream believe you are surfing in Germany even if you are abroad. You are invalidating the geo-blocking and comfortably watching GNTM 2017 from outside of Germany.

The service is not free of charge, that’s why you’re providing your payment details upon signup. The payment methods are non-suspect industry standards and mandatory. Following your registration, you will download the software, choose Germany as your desired location and watch GNTM 2017 from abroad. We’re considering the pricing as moderate, prices vary according to the duration of the subscription plan. We’d nonetheless recommend the most expensive plan for 10,99 USD per month. The simple reason behind that: Germany’s Next Topmodel will be running again for three months, which will cost you 33USD for the whole season. Choosing the annual plan will cost you about 72USD; the 6-months-plan would still cost you 44USD. So, it’s wise to go for the most expensive monthly plan.

IPVanish: Alternative with saving potential

You can save a couple of Euros with IPVanish. This equally comfortable and super-fast VPN provider offers an attractive 3-months-plan which will cost you only 26,99USD (=24,7) for the full indulgence into GNTM 2017. Other than that, there are barely differences to our winning recommendation Hidemyass. IPVanish also offers an intuitive software interface, is also ads-free and provides you with a super-fast connection to hundreds of locations worldwide – of course also in Germany.

Signup quickly to watch GNTM from abroad immediately.

The only bitter pill: IPVanish is only available in English and those who are not entirely proficient in English should go for another alternative. Equally not ideal is their trial policy. Those who want to test IPVanish without commitment must live with fewer days of free trial. And unlike Hidemyass this VPN provider does not offer a money-back guarantee. Alternatively, you’ll be offered a 7-day trial to test their nodes without committing to a plan. And users won’t have to worry about their money being transferred to dubious sources. During our test IPVanish was useable without any problems and could access the ProSieben media center at ease. We’re convinced of the service and are awarding IPVanish our best cost-effectiveness verdict.

Bottom Line
Those who want to watch GNTM 2017 from abroad should go for a VPN. Unlike suspect streaming sites and other tedious measures its usage is simple, fast and feasible on any device. Nonetheless we are strongly discouraging you from using free VPN providers who will flood you with ads and sell your collected data. Rather invest a couple of Euros and get a convenient and serious provider to smoothly watch GNTM 2017.

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